MagicFest Scorekeeper CORE (October to December)

Organizer: CFBEvents
Judge manager: CFBEvents Staff Manager
Event type: Grand Prix
REL: Competitive/Professional (GP)
Format: Mixed Formats
Event date(s): Oct. 1, 2019-Dec. 31, 2019
Location: Various, United States of America
Venue: Worldwide
Applications accepted through: June 24, 2019

Event Information

Scorekeeping at MagicFests is a unique experience and we at CFB Events are looking to grow the scorekeeping community. This application covers side event scorekeeper positions over a three month period and provides more stability and predictability for scorekeeper positions at MagicFest events from October through December 2019. Please note that ALL scorekeeper positions at MagicFest will be filled through this CORE application; there will NOT be an opportunity to apply for a scorekeeper position through the individual application.


This scorekeeping application will close at 11:59 PM (23:59) PDT on Monday. June 24th.


NOTE: This application is not completed through Judge Apps. Please use the link at the end of this application to join our onsite scorekeeping team!

We have received inquiries from both long time scorekeepers and newer scorekeepers looking to improve their skills. This application is open to anyone who is familiar with Wizard Event Reporter and has score-kept local tournaments regularly. Scorekeeping is more than just data entry and event management; scorekeepers sit on the frontlines and are often the main point of contact for players, making customer service as important as the ability to run the events.


As part of our scorekeeping team you may be asked to:

The Scorekeeping Team at CFB Events needs to be available Friday, Saturday and Sunday and have a typical shift time of 10-11 hours including a one hour lunch.


We are happy to offer Scorekeepers who join our onsite team through this application the following compensation rate (this does not include Thursday Set-Up). Please note that default compensation rate includes booster display boxes from the most recent Standard set. Successful applicants may select an all-cash option prior to each MagicFest you attend if that is prefered. Compensation rates that do not include boxes are listed in brackets after the default rates:

Daily Compensation

3 Days

$250 & 2 boxes


$750 & 6 boxes



Scorekeepers selected through this application are also able to apply for Thursday Set-Up via the normal event application at the standard setup rate described in those applications.


For events outside the US monetary compensation may be converted from USD into local currencies at the Google exchange rate. Please note that the conversion rate will be locked in three (3) weeks prior to the event. Contractors may choose to keep the payment in USD or request any other currency available through PayPal; all payments will be processed through PayPal or Check(for US Residents at US event).


A survey to accepted staff will be sent out seven (7) weeks prior to each event. That survey will allow you to:

Please remember that failure to fill out this survey will result in the default compensation of boxes and local currency.


All team members are independent contractors and are required to complete appropriate tax paperwork and a contract with either CFB Events, tournamentcenter, or both.


An example of the CFB Events contract is available here:


An example of the tournamentcenter contract is available here:


This paperwork must be filled out PRIOR to each individual MagicFest.

Application Process.jpg

With so many potential Scorekeepers and dates, we have opted to use a Google Form for this application. To join our onsite scorekeeping team, please click on the link below. We hope to see you at multiple events in the fourth quarter of 2019!

Google Form Application

Staff Members

Note: As you are not on staff for this event, some users may be hidden from the staff list, in accordance with their privacy settings. You can always see the full staff list if you are either part of the staff yourself, or otherwise, after the event is over.

Name Level Region Role
Ryan Darris
Level 2 USA - Southwest Staff
Mashi Scanlan
Uncertified USA - Southwest Staff
CFBEvents Staff Manager
Uncertified USA - North Judge Manager