Sphere Name Sphere Lead Description
Coaching Ivan Petkovic The Coaching Sphere focuses on training and mentoring judges. It provides skills to judges that enable them to grow as judges but also as individuals. Examples of these skills are giving and receiving effective feedback, working in and leading a team delivering rulings and other general communication skills. Raising awareness about, as well as teaching these skills will ultimately raise the quality of player experience, make leaders more effective at events, projects and in their communities as well as create a better judging environment.
Conferences Damián Hiller The Conferences Sphere manages Judge Conferences around the world. It coordinates policies and procedures around conferences, and creates educational material like pre-made seminars which can be used at conferences.
Exemplar Bryan Prillaman The Exemplar Sphere manages the operations of the Exemplar Program.
Grand Prix Operations Kevin Desprez The Grand Prix Operations Sphere manages projects related to running large events such as Grand Prix tournaments. It includes managing the Grand Prix Head Judge role as well as projects that create tools or educational material for use at Grand Prix events.
Judge Conduct Eric Levine The Judge Conduct Sphere consists of the Judge Conduct Committee, and manages the Magic Judge Code of Conduct.
Judge Levels Alfonso Bueno The Judge Levels sphere manages the testing and maintenance procedures for each Judge Level, certain Roles related to Judge Levels, and educational material related to the testing, interview, and mentorship of judges of all levels. The Sphere Lead is assisted by one lead who is responsible for each level. These are Bryan Prillaman for Level 1, Alfonso Bueno for Level 2, and Matteo Callegari for Level 3.
Learning Sophie Pages The Learning Sphere manages projects related to judge education. This includes learning material for rules, policy, and tournament operations.
Outreach Graham Schofield
Player Investigations Johanna Virtanen The Player Investigations Sphere manages the Player Investigations Committee and the Disqualification Reporting Process.
Regional Communities Sebastian Pękala The Regional Communities Sphere manages the Regional Coordinator selection process and the Regional Coordinators.
Social Media & Web Platforms Jack Doyle The Social Media & Web Platforms Sphere manages projects that engage with the Judge Program and its community via Social Media outlets. It assists other Spheres and projects facilitating promotion of their initiatives on Social Media, and also supports the implementation of solutions and best practices in other web platforms, such as the WordPress-based blogs.mtgjudge.cn network.
Technology Paul Baranay The Technology Sphere manages the Judge Program's technology projects, including JudgeApps and magicjudges.org.
Tournament Policy Toby Elliott The Tournament Policy Sphere manages the creation and update of tournament policy documents.
Translations Juan Del Compare The Translations Sphere manages translation efforts for many Judge Projects, documents, and sites.